Stumble Guys Mod APK V0.48 (All Skins Unlocked)

Stumble Guys Mod APK
NameStumble Guys Mod APK
DeveloperKitka Games
Size149 MB
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money and Gems/
Unlocked All Characters and Skins
Get it onGoogle Play Store

Not all action games are fun, but, in the case of Stumble Guys Mod APK, you can say it aloud. It has a great degree of fun and excitement. Unlimited Money, gems, customizable skins, infinite resources, incredible characters, and multiplayer options make it a load of fun.

Full of fun and action, this game is recently listed on Humorous gameplay, attractive graphics and visuals are all love. The game has won positive reviews from the young players. Its apk version is available on the google play store. For the premium features, you can enjoy a modded version of the stumble guys apk.

What is Stumble Guys APK?

Would you like to enjoy marathons of stumble guys where 60 contestants are striving hard to reach the winning post? They all fight to survive and stand at the last. To be the last hero standing, they fight, jump, run, and do windsurfing. All this creates fun.

 One can fully enjoy the tricks and gameplay of these guys. They will amuse you a lot. You will laugh to the fullest at some scenes. That’s why we have listed it in the action and fun category as per the selection and game reviews by the players. The link for the apk game is in the table with the play store icon. Click and get it from there.

What is Stumble Guys Mod APK?

Everyone has a different selection in terms of colours and characters. We cannot change all these in our real life, but can do this in games with freedom. To fulfil our desire for customization, a mod apk of Stumble Guys was developed. The developer of the game is Kitka Games, much famous for developing action games.

The mod version of Stumble Guys APK allows to customize skin colours, or skins of the characters altogether. There are premium features, all free, without spending a single penny. Download this version of apk mod stumble guys from Vitalapk.

Unique Gameplay

The gameplay is unique. All 60 contestants are running a marathon. They are in colourful patterns. You need to control their movement and run on these slides. During this sliding and gliding, your player or character may fall. You need to navigate perfectly.

This is hilarious. If you can control the player while running and jumping, you cannot control your laughter. The character does funny jumping and gliding that makes you amuse. This fun continues till the finish post.

Stumble Guys APK Mod

Challenging Obstacles

Be on the platform, cross the hurdles and you are all done. There are a lot of hurdles including rotating saws, striking hammers, you jumping fellows. All these create fun. Along with this, moving platforms may also be one of the causes of your fall and failure. Be proactive and responsive to win the game.

Be on your toes, get set go, jump, slide, and glide. There is a split-second time to take the decision. The obstacles change every time, dynamic, and challenging. Some obstacles are like rolling balls, these balls can hit you and knock you out of the game. Moreover, be aware not of the obstacles, your fellow player may also knock you down the platform. They are the dirty part of the game. Be alert!!!.

Play Stumble Guys Mod APK with Friends

Would you like to enjoy this fun with your friends? Your answer would be yes. Be happy, as this feature is added by the developer in the game. You can invite your friends, national, and international players to play this game.

You can even arrange for tournaments and compete against your rivals. These tournaments are held all the time and are a great source of winning gems and money for free in the Stumble Guys apk. BGMI Mod APK also allows you to play tournaments in open world war game. Win the tournament and move to the next level.

Stumble Guys- Multiplayer game-Vitalapk

The best and short way to dominate the game is to follow your top player. Follow the way he is following and in his lead, continue to move on. However, if you want to follow your trick and skill, you can go on your own and follow the maps. Every map will take you to entirely new stages and levels of the Stumble Guys APK mod game.

Fun and Physics all in one

The game is fun you know but you can also learn the kinematics, dynamics and other physics parts in the game. You need to be stable, in equilibrium, and move with the platform. These comical falls are added to make you amused.

High Graphics

You have not seen such an amazing game, with 3-D graphics and much less space on your device. The Stumble Guys game is just 100MB in size and is with highly attractive graphics. The resolution and the character look realistic. Any game with such graphics is hard to find.

Mod features

Unlimited Money and Gems

Stumble Guy’s mod is with Unlimited Money and Gems, use this money and free gems to buy skins, get a boost in the game, and win the lead. If these features are attractive to you, come and download Stumble Guys mod apk Unlimited Money and Gems 2023 and beat your opponents. You must be free from any limitation if the Infinity Money mod is on in the game.

On the interface of the game, unlimited gems and tokens are displayed in the top right corner. This can give you an idea of how much resources you have.

Unlimited gems generator

The premium feature of the mod version of the game is free gems. You can collect these gems by hitting the gem packs on your way, or you can win the mini-games. Moreover, there is another option to get the gems. An unlimited gems generator can help you to unlock all the features with multiple free gems in hand.

Stumble Guys APK Mod

Unlocked Skins

I have a preference for blue colour. You can see that I have added a download button in blue colour here as well. However, you may have another colour of your choice. The mod apk of Stumble Guys offers to customized skins of the characters. All the skins are unlocked and you may go for anyone in the stock.

Stumble Guys APK Mod

Character Customization

Some players want their characters to be unique and different from the rest of the characters in the game. Stumble Guys Mod APK offers you unlimited customization of your character. Colour your character, and let it wear different dresses. Other customizations include colourful hats and smart outfits. Likewise, you can make them a lion, a superhero, a king, or any other gaming hero you like the most.

Full Unlocked Stumble Guys Mod APK

 The game of Stumble Guys mod apk comes with different mods like Lite mod APK and Platinmods. Again it depends upon the player to choose any of the modes. On our webpage, all the modes are unlocked and available to download. If you want to check your skills and abilities, you can go with a clean version of apk.

Auto Wins

The modified and latest version of Stumble Guys APK includes a mod menu where all the features are available all in one. Here an amazing feature is included now, the “Auto Win”. You can use this add-on if you want to automate your game progress. You can on this mode and sitting back in your seat, can see the game and its stats.

How to Download Stumble Guys Mod APK?

Download for Android

We have provided a link with the blue button to download and install Stumble Guys Mod APK for Android smartphones. This process is quite easy. Just follow the following steps.

  1. Download the highly compressed .apk file from
  2. When the download process is complete, go to setting à security à allow an unknown device to make changes in the system
  3. Track your file and click to install from the file manager
  4. After the installation process, an icon of the game will appear on the screen, click it to play the game.
  5. After the launch, the mod menu will ask for customization and character selection, do it as you like and enjoy the fun.

Download for PC

If you want to know how to download Stumble Guys mod apk, read the few lines under this heading.

You need to install Bluestacks and open the APK file in that. This will act as an Android file opener. Thus it will be easy to launch and play this game.

Final Words

If fun and action are what you are looking for, come and download Stumble Guys Mod APK 2023 with unlimited gems, money, and all other characters unlocked. We have listed the system requirements and we believe that you have all the information to download, install, and play this game. Still, if you are facing any problems, you can let us know in the comment section below.  


You can add your name or the name of any other favourite character in the Stumble game. Go to the setting and “fake user name”. There is an option to add any name.

To play solo/respawn mod, go to “race type” in the mod menu à race type à private room à and in the custom part option, reduce the number of “Max Player” to only 1 by the sliding bar.

In the game menu, click create party à it will give you a code, copy that code and then come back and click “join party”. In the room code, type “local=free=Gems(amount), and click join.

The maximum limit of the free gems in Stumble Guys mod apk is 9999, so for free gems, always select a limit below this.

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