Stickman Superhero Mod APK V1.8.9 | Unlimited Money and Unlocked

Stickman Superhero Mod APK
NameStickman Superhero Mod APK
DeveloperNaxeex Ltd.
Size98 MB
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money and Gems/
Unlocked All Characters
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What is a stickman superhero?

Everyone once wished to be a superhero in his life. Have you ever wished for it? Stickman Superhero Mod Apk with unlimited money and unlocked all features is a mild action game loaded with a lot of fun for you. Other fighting games may make you fearful, however, this is not that kind of game.

This Stickman killer superhero is fighting for you and the betterment of mankind. This game is with graphics that will not affect the mentality of your children. So let’s start exploring the game’s features to make you understand how you can play it to its fullest.

Keeping in mind the attraction of the children towards different superheroes like Batman, spiderman, superman, etc. Naxeex Studios has developed this amazing game. The graphics are 2-D, but the cartoonish visuals made it famous among teenagers.

Gameplay of Stickman Fighter Superhero

The main character of the game is a stickman hero. This hero has fighting abilities like other superheroes e.g. Spiderman, Superman, and Batman. It uses its powers and unlimited features to protect the town from evil forces and monsters. Due to its powers, it can fight back and combat those forces.

All the controls of the game are provided on the screen.

Controls of Stickman Superhero APK MOD

What is Stickman Superhero Mod PAK?

Imagine how your superhero will perform when it is loaded with unlimited features. No doubt the superhero has originally inherited fighting and combat features. Unlimited powers, gems, money, and all the features you want are available in the premium version.

The unlocked version is without any kind of restrictions and is loaded with all the available weapons to combat the evil powers of the monster. Those monsters who are there to breach the peace of the city are the enemy of this stickman warrior in the mod game. Save the city as you have to do in Duskwood mod apk. You can get this game from

Clean Features

Variety of powers in the Stickman Superhero Mod APK

Stickman’s hero is loaded with powers. You can see those powers in the top left corner of your screen. These powers will help you to see the stats of your superhero and you can manage your fight with the monster or you can go for reload as well. There are different poxes with power cells in them. You can hit those boxes with your sword and get power cells.

These powers will help you to get wings to fly, web to pull, or attract the gadgets you want. You will have laser-powered eyes. These laser eyes and the rays emitting them are so strong that you can cut things into two using those laser beams.

Colourful Vehicles and Graphics

Although the Stickman Superhero Mod APK is a 2-D graphic, the colour scheme of the game is finely developed. The cartoonish look and visuals make it a lovable game. These colours add to the scenic beauty of the Stickman superhero game.

Full Customization

There are scattered power boxes and boxes full of gold, money, and gems. These coins will help you to customize your main character. Build your character using different accessories. However, the money and gems would be limited for you. To get unlimited features and money, you need to download the Stickman Superhero mod apk.

Adventures for You

The aim of the developer is not to feel you get bored. That’s why, the developer had added short games (mini-games) to make you amuse. Those mini-games are of the racing category or shooting category. Play those games, kill your time, win money and gem, and use this to customize your superhero.

Mod Features

Unlimited Money and Gems

As we have talked about the customization of the Stickman superhero. However, this customization is limited in the presence of limited available money and gem. Mod apk of Stickman superhero provides an option to have unlimited money, gems, and gold to combat evil monsters. You can increase your powers, buy new weapons, navigate, and move to follow and chase the evils with great powers.

Free Shopping

To load your superhero with powers, weapons, and costumes, you need to visit the nearby store in the gameplay. However, you need not worry and think about the payment to buy all the necessities. The Stickman Superhero Mod APK allows you to feel free at the store while shopping for your superhero.

Everything Unlocked

Whether you are talking about shopping, gadgets, equipment, weapons, and customization, the premium version of the mod apk of Stickman Superhero game provides you with everything unlocked and for free. Explore the whole game without any restriction by downloading from our website; All the characters are unlocked in this premium version.

Weapons of Stickman Superhero Mod

How to download it?

Just a few steps will make you able to get this amazing game (Stickman Superhero Mod APK) into your device. Download this game for free.

  • Click the download button on the webpage of vitalapk
  • The file is just 100 MB, so it will take a while
  • Go to your file manager and click to install it
  • Icon of the game will appear on the home screen
  • Click it to play by pressing “Start now”

Final Words

The Stickman superhero is a quick-response hero. You can spend a lot of your free time with it. As the game is open world with colorful graphics and some other mini-games, you will not get bored at all. You will not think of other high-volume games after playing them.

Be a Superhero in Stickman Mod


Is Stickman’s mod of a superhero with 3-D graphics?

At this time, only a 2-D version of the Stickman superhero is available. However, there is a chance that the developer may rethink this aspect.

Where is the stock of weapons for the superhero of Stickman?

There is a store of weapons. You can go there and have all the weapons just for free from the mod apk of this game.

Why I am unable to download stickman superhero?

You might haven’t allowed unknown sources for the setting of your device. Please delete the original version and try again.

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