Stickman Falling Mod APK Latest V2.34 Unlimited Money Props & Kits

Stickman Falling Mod APK
NameStickman Falling mod APK
Size40 MB
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money/Racing/
Props & Kits
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Introduction to the game

Are you free, want to kill your time and enjoy the unlimited simulation? Come on. This game is just for you. Stickman Falling mod apk offers you a fun way to enjoy your leisure time. Stickman games are easy to develop for a developer and fun to play for a game lover. This amazing game is from the “skygo developers”.

The most fascinating thing about the game is its size. You can avail this adventure and simulation fun with just 40 MB size. You can call it the game with the minimum size.

Game Play

Stick man falling mod apk is with violent gameplay. The goal of the game is to demolish every possible thing in a more damaging way to get higher scores. You are free to enjoy 14 levels, 3 characters and 9 vehicles. This simple simulation game only takes 25 MB of space on your device. You can easily enjoy this brutal game and all its levels. The most fascinating thing about the game is that your aim is not to survive but to die in a brutal way. Your aim should be “break me totally”.

Features of Stickman Falling Mod APK v 2.31

New Levels

In the new Stickman falling mod apk 2022, 14 new levels have been added. These levels are Arrow Field, Tow Stairs, Saw Holes, Slide Up, Bouncing Up, Rat Way, Shark jaws, etc. Each level is with new obstacles to have unlimited fun. Each level is loaded with brutality. This game is not designed for kids.

Characters and Vehicles

The game is with three different characters. These characters are regular, robots, and sport doll. You would love to play the game with either of the characters. You can mount your character on 9 different vehicles. The vehicles are like motorcycles, bicycles, jetpacks, etc. Stick man dismounting can add to your fun.

Props and Kits

The aim of the game is to be more and more violent. To add brutality to the game, we are providing you with different tools, kits and props. These may include pinwheel, missiles, C4, arrow turret, saw, blade, etc. to add to your dun, you need to add all these to the existing kit for unlimited enjoyment.

Racing and Falling

In Stickman Falling Mod APK, you have to make your character run as fast as it could be and fall off the cliff. This will fall to death. This is weird. Thus your skill relies on choosing the most dangerous position while falling.  This will help you to fall as deep as you can. Your aim should be to face the most terrible death ever. The more dangerous and painful death, the more points you will get.

Stickman Falling Mod

You can also race a car to strike and fall. If you are interested in car racing, we have a game “Crazy for Speed – 2. This game with modern cars and 3-D Graphics will not disappoint you.

Unlimited Money

The latest version 2.29 of stick man falling mod apk with unlimited money enables you to open all the characters and kits. These kits and tools will add to your fun and you will be with more and more choices to select the fate of your stick man. You can mount and dismount your stick man wherever you want. This will be only possible with unlimited coins.

Stickman Falling

How to Download and Install Stick man Fall?

Follow the following step on this site and get this amazing game on your device.

  1. Go to the settings of your device and “allow unknown sources”.
  2. Click the download link below and save the file
  3. Tap on the saved file and install.
  4. Once the installation will finish, an icon will appear on your home screen
  5. Click that icon and you are all done
  6. Enjoy your favourite game.

Download Stickman Falling Mod APK for Android

This game is not for kids as it is full of violent scenes and brutality. However, if you are strong nerves, download and enjoy unlimited fun. This will help you to relieve your stress.

If you are a simulation lover, you can look for your favourite game from the simulation category.

Stickman Falling


Here in Stickman Falling Mod APK, the task is to fall deep your character to death. The more horror death you get, the more score will be on the points table.

The game Stick man Falling mod apk 2022 is designed in such a way that the character meets brutal death. Blood and death would have a negative impact on the children.

Stickman Falling Mod PAK 2.29 2022 is the latest version of the game.

To install Stickman Falling Mod version, uninstall the existing original version and from the settings, “allow unknown resources”.

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