Carrom Pool Mod APK V7.2.0 – Unlimited Money Tables Unlocked

Carrom Pool Mod APK
NameCarrom pool Mod APK
Size109 MB
VersionV7.2.0, V7.1.2., V7.1.1 ,And V6.3.0
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money and Gems/
Unlocked All Tables
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Are you busy in your day-to-day routine and unable to go out for sports? Here, is providing a solution to help you play sports at your palm top. Among the sports category, Carrom Pool mod apk and carrom pool: disc mod apk are the most loveable and favourites of all time. You can play this game virtually. is famous for developing high-quality games. This time miniclip has offered a classic carrom pool game where you can play with the bot (computer) or with your friend. Carrom Disc pool mod apk does not require a sophisticated mobile device, you can play it on a low-end Android device with confidence.

What is Carrom Pool APK?

Carrom Pool or Carrom Disk Pool apk is a game with a virtual carrom board. In a physical mod, often you enjoyed the game with your family and friends in the drawing room or bedroom. But as of your busy life, you may not have spare time to enjoy this game with friends and family. However, carrom disc pool mod apk helps you to keep the enjoyment virtually using your mobile and other Android device.

What is Carrom Pool Mod APK?

Carrom Pool mod apk is the modified version of Carrom pool board apk game. This mod apk of carrom pool was designed to provide you with some exciting features. Vitalapk is here to ensure that you are getting unlimited features for free. Mod apk of carrom pool with unlimited money and gems help you to enjoy the game interface with more features. You can have unlimited turns and strikes.

Carrom Pool: Disc Mod APK

The mod version unlocks all the premium features and all are free. Come with confidence to our webpage and enjoy the game.

Gameplay of Carrom Pool: Disc Mod APK

In this game, you will see a carrom board, strikers and multiple pucks. There are 4 holes in the corners of the carrom board. You need to hit the striker as hard as you can. You need to hold the strike power button and wait for a while to shoot it with full power. If the puck fall in one of the hole, you will win coins. Unluckily, if the striker falls in the hole, it would be a foul.

Hit the striker wisely with adjustable power. Try to hole the pucks, not your striker. This will win rewards for you. There is a variety of boards, strikers and pucks. There are 19 discs of different colours. You can select among those. This feature of the gameplay is valuable to enhance the engagement of the player.

Carom Pool apk Mod

The gameplay with touch control is quite easy for newcomers. Just aim with the dotted lines and hold the striker to adjust the speed and shoot. The aim helps you to target a specific puck into a specific hole.


You need to pocket a coin before pocketing a queen otherwise it would be a foul.

Features of Carrom Pool: Disc Mod V7.0.1

Multiplayer Option

In your free time, you often used to play indoor games like carrom at your home with your family and friends. This is not possible in the real world these days. Carrom pool mod apk offers you to play this game with your friends and other family members just for free in a multiplayer mod.

For a multiplayer mode, you need to log in to your social media account like Facebook. From the friend list or the contacts, you can invite them and play this carrom board game for unlimited time.

Golden Shot

You are provided with FREE GOLDEN SHOT daily to win big prizes.

Multiple game modes

Depending upon your game skill, you can select the game mode. There are three different modes of the game classic, easy, and hard. If you are a pro in playing the mod apk of the Carrom pool disc game, you can select the hard level. You can customize the difficulty of the game.

The gameplay also offers you online and offline versions. You need an internet connection to download and install the game. However, you can play with a computer system without an internet connection. However, if you want to play the game with your friends online in multiplayer mode, you need an internet connection.

You need to be a pro to win the game. If you are not good at playing the game, you can go for practice mode as well. The practice mode will help you to polish your skills. You can be familiar with the controls of the gameplay.

Free and Safe game mode

Download the Mod version of the carrom pool disc apk entirely free from our web page. You need not pay a single penny. Instead, you will be offered unlimited gems, coins, and money to enjoy the mod features. This virtual money will help you to unlock many features. The features such as unlimited strikes are the most wanted feature of this game.

This game comes entirely free from malware and is safe to download and play. There are no hidden viruses or other threats. This is to make you fully confident and satisfied during the running game.

Stunning visuals and sounds

 As the game is to show you a realistic view, the developer has developed it with stunning 3-D graphics. This enhances the visual appearance of the game and the interest of the player. The striking sound of the carrom pool would make you mesmerised.

There is a variety of boards, pucks, and strikers. You can select one of those. All these strikers and boards have different capacities and features. Multiple boards with all unlocked skins are the best feature of this mod game.

Carrom Pool: Disc APK Mod

Mod Features

Unlimited Strikes

You gonna play the game to enjoy for yourself. If there’s any limitation, you would not love it. Here, mod version V5.0.3 of the Carrom pool apk offers you unlimited turns and strikes. You can strike the disk unlimited times and enjoy it for free.

Auto Win in carrom pool mod apk

Sometimes it happens that you just want to see the game being played. This option is not available in all the games. However, carrom pool auto Win mod apk allows you to set the playing level and behold. It will start playing for itself and you can watch your turn. As this is a mod version. It will end in a win for you after a while.

Unlimited Coins and Gems

You are here to download a game to enjoy it to its fullest. You would never want any limitations. The limitation in the strike rate for the disc was the most troubleshooting for the player. Here is a solution for you. Download carrom pool mod apk 5.0.3 with unlimited coins and gems and play with confidence for unlimited resources.

No Ads and no need for any subscription

Ads restrict smooth gameplay and are often highly disliked by the player. These ads last for 5 to 12 seconds and are annoying. Congratulations, you are just free from all such things. The apk mod version of the carrom pool disc game is without any ads. 

Most of the games ask for a subscription for the premium features. Carrom pool game is without any such hurdle. The developer wants you to enjoy it smoothly, thus he developed this kind of supportive gameplay.

How to download it?

Download For Android

Follow the following easy step to get a new version of apk mod of carrom pool into your device.

  1. Click the download button
  2. This action will download and save the file into your file manager
  3. Track your file and install it
  4. Once it is done, you are got to go. Enjoy it.

Following these steps, you can download apk file on your Android device.

The game will be downloaded and now you can enjoy it for free.

Download Carrom pool Mod APK

Download For PC

To get this game into your PC, please follow the instructions

  1. Download an emulator, most preferably BuleStacks
  2. Download .apk file
  3. Right-click the .apk file to open it with the emulator or open the emulator and import the .apk file
  4. Launch the app and thus you can enjoy every Android game on your PC.

Final Words

Download the latest version of carrom pool mod apk 2022 and enjoy your free time at home and on your bed. You can enjoy the game with your friends and family virtually. Connect with the people and have fun. Unlimited strikes, stunning visuals and graphics, and unlimited turns make it a loveable game of its genre. 


If the striker falls in one of the 4 holes, it is considered a foul in the carrom board pool mod apk. 

There are 19 discs, all of the different colours. These colourful discs add to the beauty of the game.

You will be provided with coins. Pocket a coin and then you can pocket a queen to get it. However, it all needs your expertise. 

To use the full max carrom striker, you need to change the date of your device. 

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