Angry Neighbor Mod APK Latest V3.2 Unlimited – 2023

Angry Neighbor Mod APK
Angry Neighbor Mod APK Game
NameAngry Neighbor Mod APK
DeveloperInvictus Studio
Size80 MB
Mod FeaturesUnlimited and Unlocked
Get it onGoogle Play Store

What is Angry Neighbor Mod APK?

Are you curious by nature to know about some of the hidden facts? Do you have the urge to explore the house of a neighbor to find something different? Angry Neighbor Mod APK is perfect to fulfill your these desires. Come, Download the Angry Neighbor game from Vitalapk and have fun entering someone’s house.
In this adventurous game, you are to find out the secrets as you can do in the criminal case mod apk. you need to find the secrets of a personality living around you by jumping into his house without his permission. This new, dumb neighbor arose a desire in you to know all about him and his house. Angry Neighbor Full APK will take you to the world of adventure.
The game was developed by Invictus Studio, a famous Russian Developer. Angry Neighbor Full APK is available on Play Store. You can install the game with high graphics on your Android devices. This is a single-player game with only one character to investigate the house in the neighborhood.

Angry Neighbor Apk MOD
Angry Neighbor Apk MOD Game

Interesting Gameplay

The gameplay is quite simple yet interesting. You are shifted to a new vicinity and interestingly, a new neighbour shifted there. The new neighbour looks mysterious and you are curious to know about him. Moreover, the house is too big and magnificent which attracts you to search for it. At last, you decided to take the risk and jumped in.
Weird lifestyle, magnificent building, mysterious personality, new to the town, and you are there to explore reality. No doubt, the decision is quite dangerous. However, you have taken the decision and now it’s your turn to prove yourself.
Here, I will disagree with the developer. He should add something to the story. The character must try to know the personality of the new neighbour before jumping directly into his house. There should be some twists at the start too. Anyhow, the game moves on with this interesting story.
The man in the angry neighbour mod apk game is quite sensitive and has spying abilities. He can smell the upcoming situation right before the time. That’s why, it is recommended to think wisely and be careful before any move. A small mistake may lead you to a big problem.

Mod of Angry Neighbor Apk

Clear 3-D Graphics and Realistic Sound

As the game is a spy series, and you need to enter someone’s house quietly, the role of music can’t be ignored. Here in the house, you need to search for the thing that is challenging for you. You can do this if the graphics are clear and vivid. All this is provided by the developer of the game.

Discover the house with Strategies

If you are smart enough to find the hidden truth and realities, prove yourself. Make a plan, have strategies, work accordingly, and get ready for this encounter. There are some secret and hidden places in the house, you have to explore those.
The angry man keeps the keys mostly behind the curtain, under the photo frame, or the table. You need to find those keys. Chose an easy place for you to hide in case the angry man makes an entry into the house. Be careful not to be caught red-handed.
Set traps to warn you in case of an emergency at a different place for the man. The time window is important. Keeping an eye on the movements of the man, when he is out or at midnight, is the perfect time to enter the house.
To make the game more fun, you can spread banana peels in front of the bathroom door when the man is taking a bath. This is one of the best traps in this bloodless battle. Power-cut is another weapon, you can use this to steal and run the items from the house.
Mod Menu of the Angry Neighbour mod apk allows you freedom of action with multiple options. It can be dangerous to steal things. You can be a spy man while entering the house. You can be a thief while making your way into the house at midnight.
You are the solo player of the game and you control the character. You are free to take any action in the game. Along with this, it is a difficult task to complete all the actions alone in the game. Multiplayer could be a better option.

House of Angry Neighbor Apk MOD

How to download

How to download Angry Neighbor Mod APK on Android?

Follow the following steps to get the game on your Android device.

  1. Allow “unknown devices” from the settings.
  2. Come to
  3. Click the blue download button to download the .apk file on your Android device.
  4. Click the file in the folder and install and run the game.

How to download Angry Neighbor Mod APK on PC

For Pc or Windows devices, you need to install Emulator. The Bluestacks Emulator help you to play Android games and applications on your Windows devices. This will give you an enlarged view and if the graphics and sounds are perfect. The PC will give a better overview.

Final Words?

The angry neighbor mod apk is a mysterious game where you can make an entry into the house of a neighbor. You need to explore the house and hidden things. The house is full of secrets. Find keys, articles, and things and try to explore the personality of the man.


The angry neighbor is for $1.5 from the play store. While playing the modded version of the game, you can get it for free from vitalapk.

The developer has developed a game full of adventure, secrets, high graphics, and mysterious sounds. The game is perfect for your spying nature.

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